Child Remembers(2)

Working at a lawyer’s office in Seoul, starting at 13, gave me a chance to acquaint a lot of people, in addition to the lawyer and his clerk. They were clients, the lawyer’s distant relatives and their friends. Those people often gave me their personal errands, taking me for granted.  I wanted to tell them that I was working for the office, not the public.  But I never did.  There was a gentle man, however, who would give me some gratuity for my service.

Another person I remember was a man, 25 or so, called Mr. Bak who worked for a glass company whose office was just below the lawyer’s office.  I had no idea how he knew that I often forgot to bring my lunch.  He’d take me to a nearby restaurant to buy me lunch.  One day, he just watched me eating, telling me if I had anything to tell him.  I thanked him for the lunch.  He shook his head and asked how I felt about him.  “Good,” I said.  He asked me how old I was.  I told him I was 15 by the number of years.  (Actually I’d had only 13th birth day and that same year in December I would be 14.) He told me I could tell him anything.  I didn’t quite understand what he was trying to tell me. Now I could guess.

Whatever his kindness was for, I want to tell him “Thank you, again, for the lunch, Mr. Bak.  It hit the spot.”  If he is still around, I want to ask him to be my Facebook friend.

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