Child Remembers (3)

As a child office-helper I learned a lot of life’s lesson by watching and listening to the people who came around or to the lawyer’s office.  It was like looking into a kaleidoscope of adults’ world.  Much more complicated than the simple child world I had known.  I understood a little why they told me to enjoy being a child.

Of all my trivial duties, doing errands was my favorite.  It was mostly because I could go outside, instead of being cooped in the office all day.  The quality of errands was varied.  I felt pride in my work when I delivered court document to the clerk at the courthouse so that she could schedule the time for the trial for the lawyer’s client that day.

Some errands made me feel not so proud:  delivering a gift to his mistress only to get an angry reaction from the man’s wife.  Or, delivering money earned by gambling to a man’s wife, and the like.

I heard that those people who used to hang around the office and gambled in evenings are all dead.  The lawyer and his clerk who used to fart when he and I were alone in the office are also gone.  And the quiet errand-girl who used to think a lot grew older.

In retrospect, for me, working as a child was not a bad experience.  It was a work that a child my age could do.  For that reason, I would not blame my parents or anyone else for letting me work at the office.  No harm done.

One thing, however, I want to tell people who needs to be reminded:  Do not approach a child with a sex-related matter.  Children are mentally and physically not ready for such a thing.  If you could, be a big brother or sister for a needy child.  You will be glad that you did.

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