A Psychic’s Reading of a Distraught Immigrant’sMind (#1)

Chamberlin, the columnist:  “Good to see you, Mr. Hagmire.  Have you seen Janis around this bar lately?”

Hagmire, the psychic:  “No.  But I know how she’s doing.”

Chamberlin: “How’s she?”

Hagmire:  “She’s moody because she couldn’t find what she’s been looking for.”

Chamberlin:  “What is she looking for?”

Hagmire:  “Well, long ago, when she lost her virginity, she was mad because her boyfriend used the penis he urinates with.  She expected a special one that is exclusively for sex.  So, she came to America in search of a man with two penises.”

As the people laugh Chamberlin’s mouth drew a thin line.  Son of a bitch spits out cheap jokes everywhere he goes.  On second thought, he might be telling his true reading of her momentary thought of being sarcastic.  For some reason, she’s unhappy with the

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