Her Sudden Departure

When we first met
our sons were little
with the same name
We cheered them
at the ball games
The quilts we loved at the Fair
those days are gone with you
but the music you loved
echoes in the empty room
in my heart, in people’s
Ceiling light flickers
as if you sneer at me being
like an aspiring teenager
You’d never seen me stay up
this late night, but now you see
After all, dying isn’t so bad
Have a wonderful journey
to eternal world
Someday we’ll bump into
each other again

As I was writing this for my recently deceased friend
the ceiling light in my room flickered.  I looked up, wondering
if a moss was flying around the light.  But no.  The worn out
light bulb, I thought.  Or was it her spirit?  They say when you
think about dead person his or her spirit comes to you.  I didn’t
believe that but now I’d like to.  Knowing that she visited me
even after her death is heart warming, anyway.

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

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