She wished time could be tethered,
extending her stay a bit longer
dream wedding ceremony
suspended in the autumn air
Magic and miracle are
mere fantasy and luck
As she listened to the whisper
of fallen leaf she became one,
her wish vanished in the wind

What matters now is
our memories embedded
in the hearts, which makes
our farewell a bit lighter,
knowing we’ll live in our hearts
for evermore

A week before a friend of mine passed away,
I met her in K-mart store.  She talked about her
son’s upcoming wedding and she planned on flying
to be there.  Although she appeared happy, I felt something
unusual about her.  Having known she had some health
problem, I asked her how she’d been doing.  She said, “Great.”
I gave her a big hug before our parting.  A week later, I heard
the news about her sudden passing.
Who would’ve guessed the chat and hug we had exchanged
the week before would be our last one?
Now, I’m glad I gave her a hug.
Hug is good.
Hug whenever possible.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Photo by Collin Andrew Maag.)

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