Free book

Cover Proof_Resized JPG_7.18.2019

Good news, friends! my new book MYSTERY MAN’S DAUGHTER,
mystery/psychological thriller, is available for free
July 29 through August 3.
I need at least 40 friends who rate the book. 

Thank you so much for your support.
Click the link below to get the book:

–Byung A. Fallgren

11 thoughts on “Free book

  1. Hi Byung,
    I’ve just reviewed your book on “”. For some reason they didn’t allowed me to review it on “” (they say to me I’m eligible to express my vote only on the amazon page of my Country… that’s Italy!).
    However, I hope it will be helpful all the same. Finger crossed and congrats!
    I published many books on Amazon as well, so if one day you take a look at my books… I’d appreciate 🙂

    Finger crossed and congrats!

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  2. Thanks very much anyway. I will certainly check your book out. If you would, please vote for my book on Amazon. I will do the same. I realized we writers need to support each other.


  3. I don’t have my account at, so I cannot buy your book there. I made a purchase at After read it, I’ll vote for it for you. Will do more later.


  4. Hi. My email to you was unable to be delivered. I’ve just rated your book ITALINGLISH on my Kindle device. I would like to review the book on also but for some reason unable to do it. Will check out your other book.

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