March Storm, like fever


Hello friends, it’s good to be back after for days of absence! We had
27 inches of snow that caused a loss of Internet connection. After
that, computer virus, then finally all returned to normal.

March Storm, like fever

March snow storm flares like
the fever of flu, build
celestial art work on earth;
oblivious to the human struggle
to cope; dig tunnels, move the heap
to the barren land…
It creates holes in the Internet,
shatters the lights, let us ponder
in the ancient darkness.
Human blunders; some join the cease
of snow melts, in the breath of the season.
With comer of May,
the behemoth hides in
the cape of mother,
leaving the gifts of moisture.
We spring, bud as
the trees wave to the sun,
dance to the song of May.

©Byung A. Fallgren

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