Wicked Husband


Wicked Husband

After struggle through the sea of
sand dune, finds an oasis–the job.
“Now, we can divorce.” He grinds.
“I no longer need your help.”
Her mouth forms O,
eyes overflow;
the door slams,
followed by cry;
“Selfish, rotten fish,
just don’t take my child away.”
He laughs like devil.
“You can’t afford the burden,
and the high rent, ” he sneers.
“I found a shack for you. Come see.”
He shoves her into the car,
heads to the place.
“See that?” He points it.
Her eyes flutter, nostril flare, seeing
the new dwelling. Confusion.
“No kidding!” Her anger and fear
evaporate. Big sigh. Her eyes overflow.
He pulls her closer to him.
“It’s real. You and I can afford it.”
“It is beautiful!” She cries. Her eyes dot
on their new home.
“You and I can afford it,” she says.
leans on him.

©Byung A. Fallgren

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