How did she endure it?

How did she endure It?
to the woman I loved

The memory of the rain and sleets, 
all the music I heard, songs of
the drift snows from the hill, 
and smell of the swamp. 

The old house across the swamp, 
crouched at the foothill, like a 
brooding animal; the hungry chicks 
chirping, begging, wondering. 
Her doubt on his method would gnaw 
at her skin, the words swallowed.  

The old elm, with a big hollow in the trunk 
was my refuge when they argued; I'd sit on 
the bough, watch the well below. a tadpole 
peeking out the cloud in the well, watching me 
watching it in awe. No wonder she called it 
unhealthy savior. What else in it? 

Now, the frost on my head, 
I don't try to understand her. 
Instead, I raise my hands above my head, 
reach for the heaven, as if to hold 
her boney hands that cared for us 
all through the cold nights. All her life.   

©Byung A. Fallgren

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