In my name

In my name

My first name means "fire flower love".
Do I hear "Wow!"?
That's what I used to think, wondering
my dad must have loved me alright when
he gave me that name.

Imagine the beautiful fireworks in the 
night sky celebrating a princess' birth.
Imagine a father who named his daughter
"Fire flower love."
It makes my eyes water, and I used to think him
a drunkard, looser and idiot who obeyed his 
father telling him to be a police officer,
against his wish to be a medical doctor.
failure; muck; love, pale love; lonely.

Having lived as old as I am and doubt
all the brilliant love within the name,
empty and silent, I would let it free. 
let this dark world own it.
I hope its dormant magic grows wings,
fly round the world, shower the love.

Then I want them to know, after all, 
meaning of your name can mean 
more than you know.

(c)Byung A. Fallgren



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