Under the Invisible Cloud

Under the Invisible Cloud

Under the invisible clouds of CO2,
the birds coo and sing, as the trees dance,
like children, innocent sea;

but the blue moon, like you and me, 
feels the nights with the images of 
scars on Mother's face; on our children's,
with the thinning ozone; with the skin disease;
panting, sweating rain.

Polar bear watches as her cubs struggle
to find ice on which they can rest,
between the moments of in the water.
Sea otter weary of vanishing friends;
the elephants and tigers, and the trees 
of the rainforests; the insensible human hands.
Invisible clouds of CO2, miles and miles.
and we wonder why the wind howls; one of 
Mother's pleas to our wandering mind. 
We nod slowly, flaxen our muscle of waves. 

©Byung A. Fallgren

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