Hal-abeoji’s Wish (Finding Uncle)

Hal-abeoji's Wish (Finding Uncle) is the picture book for children by Byung A. Fallgren. 
To view and buy the book for your children and grandchildren please go to: 


Excerpt from the editor's note:

This is a children's book about the division between North and South Korea and how
it affects families right up to this day. A young boy wants to help his ailing grandfather
to see his brother again after many years and must first find him in North Korea.
The story details how he goes about this, the actual process families must go through,
and leaves the reader with hope for a reunion between the elderly brothers.

This is a really important piece that children everywhere should read and discuss. 
While painful, the plight of separated families in North and South Korea is something
that needs to be spoken of more broadly, and this book is a wonderful way to do that.  



6 thoughts on “Hal-abeoji’s Wish (Finding Uncle)

  1. Please, try this: type the link: store.bookbaby.com/book/hal-abeoji’s-wish in the web address bar, press enter key, and you’ll see error page, ignore it; just click on red box that says “Return to bookstore” then on the new page, type Byung A. Fallgren in the book search box, and then click on “Find the book”. Finally you will see my bookshop page. Thank you, Derrick.


  2. That’s an error; I already have some books they sent me. The links are tempered by hacker. They are trying to fix it now.
    Please, ignore the error, and just click on the red box that says “Return to the store”, On the new page, book search box type Byung A. Fallgren, then click on the box next to it that says “Find book”. Now, you’ll see my bookshop page. Thank you very much.


  3. Thank you for these instructions, Byung. The book looks intriguing and I hope the difficulty doesn’t put off others. I stopped buying books 15 years ago because I still have so many I haven’t yet read, but I was interested to see it and to congratulate you.


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