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Welcome and thank you for visiting.  This site is about stories and poetry.  Occasionally, you’ll see excerpts from my books, as well.

Once I was an artist. But my real passion is writing. As possible, do what you enjoy is my belief. And never stop learning. I’ve been writing off and on since 12. Today, I’ve written more than one book and still writing.

30 thoughts on “About

  1. You kindly left a comment on my site, so out of curiosity I decided to take a small peek…your name is so exciting.
    But then I read some of your wonderful poetry. Wonderfully eloquent. Superb English skills.
    Thank you so much for introducing yourself to me, Byung

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  2. Hi,
    I just got an email saying “ this is a test post “

    Just to let you know that when I went to read I got “ Safari I’d unable to open this page”
    Kindest regards . Marie


  3. You have wonderful poetry; I am very particular about literature, very picky, and I think your words have a wonderful elegance to them. Thank you for sharing your talent. It goes to show that not all published authors are the best. :}

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  4. Hi. Pleased to meet you here. Although I’ve written several books, I didn’t edited them, except the recently written one INFINITE DELUGE. I’m planing on editing the other books when I have time. Thank you so much for your visit and interest. 🙂

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