Peril in the Neglecting Infrastructure

Peril in the Neglecting Infrastructure 

The man cautioned, when you have to stay 
in a hospital
leave as quickly as possible.
High cost of hospital bill? 
I asked.
That too, but…
Once I had a surgery for kidney stone, he said.
By the time I was ready to leave the hospital,
I got flue that gave me high fever,
which made me suffer from
the unexpected illness as well.
Watching my son on the hospital bed
the warning that the man gave me
gnawed at my nerve.
I found out what the man meant.
The orderly came in my son’s room and
began to work. My eyelids fluttered as he sloshed
a small towel in the toilet water, wringed it,
and wiped the stain on the floor and the bedside table.
I was about to explode in disgust. But
the word was caught in the throat, lest he got
embarrassed or he might do more harm
in revenge during the night when my son was alone.
Hospital orderly, restaurant food servers,
people who work at the base level
should be treated as important as the top ones,
need to be trained
to do their job sanitarily and
It was five-thirty p.m., visiting hour’s end.
I didn’t want to leave my son alone
all the night,
but I had to follow the hospital’s rule. 

©Byung A. Fallgren  

Delayed Apology

Delayed Apology
                          for Clara

In the beginning, we were happy
that we will be together
in our world of art,
you let me leave my first footprint
in your garden.
Then it changed quickly like the hailstorm
in August. I sent you again
a few of my unique seeds for
you and to others, then
I forgot about it, having fallen
in the pond infested with invisible things
that made me ill and lose
my memory: I forgot to let you
know that the same one I sent you
were taken–I wished you were to be
the first.

Don’t even come back! your voice
froze my word.
I’m yearning for the day
made us smile; sometimes
I watch you from afar
or linger round your window,
lost a courage to see you.

©Byung A. Fallgren

Love in the Empty Can

Black bear in our yard in Asheville, NC

Love in the Empty Can

A hungry bear licks
the residue in the can that
smells good, not so bad taste,
unaware of the sharp edges,
unaware of the injured skin,
that haunts it with pain.

A little girl in the window winces,
she knows that the red drops
from the black bear aren’t the petals.

Before trashing the empty can,
the girl envisions the neighbors
and swish the can under the running water,

with love for her friends.

©Byung A. Fallgren

Sudden Change

Sudden Change

Our visit to my son and his family was supposed to be
like sun sparkles on the pond on a June day,
although it was November. Sudden change,
with his fever and pain, the day paused.
We rushed him to the hospital. After more than
a week, he came home and rest,
recovering slowly. What a jolt!
Life is full of mysterious games of
temperamental goddess.

©Byung A.