Weekend snow



Mother Nature
dumped the snow
on our car
telling us
to relax at home


This happened a couple of weeks ago. It’s not timely but
decided to post it anyway because I’m still mad at the weather
that screwed the weekend plan.

© Byung A. Fallgren

On pleasing you


I don’t try to please you, I
please me not selfish way,
some golden honey still left
in the comb. Altruistic love,
akin to sacrifice I distance,

for when I wither in thirst
great gift I may have later
for you will be lost. I endure
your mournful sigh, seeing
me in wintery silence of
spring meditation, until

the day I dazzle you in lovely
dress in sweet breeze of May.
Now and then, I enjoy
making you smile, like
snow-clad lilac shrub.

© Byung A. Fallgren


Snowstorm on juniper


Not the fool’s game of
Oppression, innocuous
Horseback ride of March
Hear the rider’s giggles
Hums of the horse
Songs of nature
Philly wishes for the
Golden sunbeam of
April lifts the rascals
She’s endured summer
Gust and the storm
Why more pain?
Winter admonishes
Strive to rise will free
Her from the oppressor

© Byung A. Fallgren