Particular moment


Particular Moment

Like the little kid on the cross walk
avoids the moment of getting hit
by a dozing driver,
a calf prances across the road,
escaping the moment of
getting hit by the car.
The moment of life and death vanishes
with the sigh and the heart beat skipped.
Her calf by her side,
the cow throws an annoyed look
at the driver momentary absent mind,
reminding of the concern of
the moment.
Like a tiny grain of each sand
make up the whole beach,
a little sprout grows to a tree,
a second builds to a moment memorable:
a thorn or sweet scented rose.

© Byung A. Fallgren


Tennessee Mockingbird, Pat Hope copy
Photo by Pat Hope (


even the bird
to listen
to the leaves’ whisper
hopeful spring-heartbeat

* When writing about tried and true subject as hope, which can be
boring and trite, I try to make it as if original. Or, add some
entertaining  quality to it.

©Byung A. Fallgren

Mystery of the bag


Mystery of the bag

The lake view, yellow and purple
Little flowers’ silent whisper,
The sunny pine-hill hums,
The bag hanging from the tree
Holds the stroller imaginative:

A SUV pulls up at the picnic table,
Smell of barbecue,
Loud music, laughters,
Even the tree branches dance
To the cheery mood.
A man hangs a plastic bag
On the tree.
“A gift for you,” with a grin he says.

When quiet again, the tree seems to wonder,
What is hanging from its branch.
The translucent bag reveals it a bit–
It’s something like…had been
In the gut of the man or the stars.
The tree stiffens in confusion,

Ill humor disrespects the beauty
Of the Nature.
If trees can think—
O but they might feel in a way we
Don’t understand—It would think,

The man must be an alien,
No human can be that rude
To our Mother Nature.
Gift from the alien—
A Hazmat suit, necessary to
Make it clear then.


©Byung A. Fallgren

The ghost of the plane trees


The ghosts of the plane trees
by Andrea Ferrari 

tree stumps line the street on both sides
disjointed lopsided limbs lie
felled out as from a man that still stands
in body trunk silence observing its carnage
in pieces of a puzzle now impossible

cars that need more street
side indifferent

didn’t hear the grind spray of
sawdust in spurts or each thump
as it grunted on dry grass

but at night their ghosts rise
thin translucent holographic
towards a dark heaven

ghosts arms upwards in neon white
transparent leaves in innocent
carbon dioxide shine

couldn’t hear if roots murmured growth
or were whispering of soil silence
when machines came and removed stumps



Spring Song

IMG_3205 copy

Spring Song

Little butterfly kisses on
The dandies basking in the sun
On the pine-scented hill green,
Brook warns the fish frolicking carefree
Not to swallow the fake warm on the hook,
The fish didn’t listen to the high brook,
To the fisherman’s delight.
He shows me the fish dangling from the hook,
“I know you eat trout.”
“Let it go.” I pout.
“No one should die on this lovely day
Of spring. Not even the trout.”
Fish swims back in the laughing brook,
No one should die on this barmy spring,
Not even the brook trout,
Enjoying, like me, the sunny day out.


©Byung A. Fallgren