Recently I've received an acceptance letter and a publishing contract 
from the publisher to whom I've submitted my book manuscript. Brief 
joy evaporated as I read the contract. It says that I market the book 
with my own expense, reasoning that the book has been published before.
When? Then I realized that they meant the book campaign I ran on 
Kindle Scout a month ago. 

Before running the campaign, I had thought I should find a literary 
agent or publisher first. But I didn't want to wait a few months to 
get a response from them. So I ran the campaign unsuccesfully which 
turned out to be a pitfall that hinders my effort to find 
a publisher.

This publisher wants e-book publishing right also. I've converted 
my manuscript into an ebook format myself, and I want to keep 
e-book publishing right to myself. So I've decided not to sign 
the contract. I've published it with Amazon.

The editor of the publishing company says that my book 
Infinite Deluge resonates.  

To buy the book, please click the link below
Thank you so much for your support.


by Byung A. Fallgren

Uncertain night

Tentacles of hacker hovers
Over the brainchild,
Swaddles it in the frost,

Old neighbor is moving
In the rain, leaving the
Nostalgic soul behind,

Moon hides behind the veil of
Fog sips through the
Dragon lady’s folded wing,
Drowns her in the night,

Sliver of light shines the gloom,
Like lover’s magic touch
on the ancient wound,
Lifts the blue, laconic,
I review the night
In a different light.


© Byung A. Fallgren

When in doubt of self-worth

She’s an angel, says he.
Her poetry tells so.
Some banter, she scoffs.
She is decent,
Person of integrity,
She sifts her thoughts before penning,
Like her deed, says he.

Geranium hasn’t fully bloomed, she sighs.
Mother of successful children, says he.

She notes: geranium has lived as
Wholesome being.
Wishing to be beyond it is
No more than
Personal desire.


© Byung A. Fallgren

Gnome moment

Afternoon stroll
By this gnome
Sudden lift


Of all the ornaments, he or she chose this gnome and other fun
characters for the trees in the park. Sometimes such trivial things
as ornaments lift our spirit. And they let us lost in the carefree
giggly moment. 😊

–Byung A. Fallgren

Spring-night Rain Melancholia

Rain echoes
Hoarsened call
Of owl,
Stirring melancholy,
If she has finished moving
If she needs help.
I wish I could be there,
She should’ve lived
Wish time could be
Stretchable for her.
Working mom’s struggle,
Like birthing throes.
Rain begins to
Pour down,
Churning distress at the shore
Of night.
With no text from her.
Gold lamplight in the rain twinkles,
‘She’s too busy to call, but
The working mom is doing

© Byung A. Fallgren