Recently I've received an acceptance letter and a publishing contract 
from the publisher to whom I've submitted my book manuscript. Brief 
joy evaporated as I read the contract. It says that I market the book 
with my own expense, reasoning that the book has been published before.
When? Then I realized that they meant the book campaign I ran on 
Kindle Scout a month ago. 

Before running the campaign, I had thought I should find a literary 
agent or publisher first. But I didn't want to wait a few months to 
get a response from them. So I ran the campaign unsuccesfully which 
turned out to be a pitfall that hinders my effort to find 
a publisher.

This publisher wants e-book publishing right also. I've converted 
my manuscript into an ebook format myself, and I want to keep 
e-book publishing right to myself. So I've decided not to sign 
the contract. I've published it with Amazon.

The editor of the publishing company says that my book 
Infinite Deluge resonates.  

To buy the book, please click the link below
Thank you so much for your support.


by Byung A. Fallgren

sunshine blogger


Thank you for nominating me for this award, Jessy.
It brightens my blog even on a gray day!
Initially I’ve been nominated by Baffled Bear Books,
a day . Mawson Bear; La Rena’s Corner. Then finally
Jessy B. Love & Loss: Living in Between. Thank you
again for the nomination.

It gave me the chance to know more of these nominators’
wonderful blogs. Please visit them and you might enjoy
as much as I do. –Byung A. Fallgren


snowed on rock


Enduring dry chill
like soldier, when
point of regress, she
came to imbue idea,
her methodical journey
to rise, excellent for

life. I watch as she
slowly vanishes,
game of time,
law of tyrant;
some efforts to hold
is gripping onto wind.
Farewell, my friend,
see you in spring mist.

© Byung A. Fallgren


Winter Lake


Retreat and ponder
the surge from highland,
venture up the hill where
the days of longing,
curiosity mirrored,
youthful fantasy
evaporated, reach for

the sky, wave with envy
at the birds. Comply to
the time of withdrawal,
grateful to the season for
the opportunity. Ceaseless
desire, watch the land ling
grow, wither,

wait for next swell–glee!

© Byung A. Fallgren