Recently I've received an acceptance letter and a publishing contract 
from the publisher to whom I've submitted my book manuscript. Brief 
joy evaporated as I read the contract. It says that I market the book 
with my own expense, reasoning that the book has been published before.
When? Then I realized that they meant the book campaign I ran on 
Kindle Scout a month ago. 

Before running the campaign, I had thought I should find a literary 
agent or publisher first. But I didn't want to wait a few months to 
get a response from them. So I ran the campaign unsuccesfully which 
turned out to be a pitfall that hinders my effort to find 
a publisher.

This publisher wants e-book publishing right also. I've converted 
my manuscript into an ebook format myself, and I want to keep 
e-book publishing right to myself. So I've decided not to sign 
the contract. I've published it with Amazon.

The editor of the publishing company says that my book 
Infinite Deluge resonates.  

To buy the book, please click the link below
Thank you so much for your support.


by Byung A. Fallgren

Trapped Not


In the heat of keep moving,
we stumble into an unknown,
needful things abundant, yet
tricky to get them, musty and
slippery, the particular

skill learned doesn’t help win
the competition. Need to move on,
climb on the barrier, one foot in
the narrow opening, we pause to
think if the dim world beyond

the thrash hold is worthwhile to
venture. Only way to find out is
boldly to go over the window, and
the puzzle solved, eventually
we’ll find a way home.

By Byung A. Fallgren

Shade of Dawn


It slips in through
the window,
calm glow
in mist gray,
hopeful not
irrational expectation
in a huge rainbow bubble.
Apprehensive about
the progress of the day,
making sure it doesn’t leave
the shredded pieces of
the bubble in the day’s
doldrums. Varied shade,
can be deceitful, but
usually inspirational.

By Byung A. Fallgren

Gravatar and Your website

Hello friends, I want to visit your site, but when I click on your photo it leads to your Gravatar page. If you added your website(s) to the page it is so much easier for me to get on your site. I’m not trying to advertise Gravatar here. I’m just reminding you that I find it convenient if you add your website(s) to the page. I’m sure you’ll attract more readers as well.  🙂 –Byung A. Fallgren