Balmy evening in March

We gathered on the doorstep
with the moonlight,
dazed by the balmy night,

yearning for the alfalfa and
wild roses, getting ready to fly

away. If only we knew an ol’ man
would spray the kill-mist,
cussing, “Teenage box elder bugs!”

If only we knew snowstorm would
pass through our way. In spite of
all that calamity,

some of us still hanging in
there. Like the ancients, we’ll
rebound; multiplying stars
in the purple field, redolent.


by Byung A. Fallgren

adjusting, tends to slip

20245987_1134168720060920_2185887527459442663_n copy

Life is a painting
in process;
we pause
to examine
it as an artist would
to assess the piece,
value of color,
smudged spot,
unbalanced composition..
we adjust and
steer it, yet
it tends to slip
backward like
a wayward child,
some fret and angry,
while others continue
on toward the light.

Recently an elderly man in our community has set
fire on his house and shot himself. Reason for his action
is not clear yet. It could be financial problem or loneliness.
This is one of many such tragedies in America. One wonders
why we call our country rich nation when our social security
system is inferior to others’ such as Germany, Japan, South
Korea, for example. Loneliness can be solved if we reach out
each other. Simple, kind act can save lives.

By Byung A. Fallgren

Drink me with moon-drops

When cluttered
thoughts keep you
awake at night
drink me with
a few moon-drops,

and all the worries
will vanish, let you drift to
the sleepy land where you
sleep in the gentle hand of

a night queen who will
reward you with the
renewed vigor so
you can tackle the
hard work the next day.
–Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is also known to be good for hive;
drink it, rub it on the irritated and itch hive, and
it soothes your skins and mind. 😊


–Byung A. Fallgren


Interim freeze

IMG_1760 copy 2

Yesterday’s passion is
too precious to let go
down stream without
some fruition

every bit of our effort
tucked in beneath the ice,
we reflect, re-plan, assure
the low hanging clouds
final solution

failure, the necessary villain
on the path, ignore offering hands;
no one knows us better
than we do

more of ardent shift and turn
grasp the thread, and we are glad
we haven’t let it slide by

Photo, written by Byung A. Fallgren

No Quitting

All my youth I’ve been
searching for my dream
in the sea of blue world
Now that I’m old-young
still I’m hoping
A masochist or
placid idiot, I don’t care
what they say
My endeavor will go on
until the sea turns into me and
I, the sea, for all I have is the

by Byung A. Fallgren