winter blue

Snowflakes jitter
around the street light
before touching the ground
They weep on the wet pavement
reflect the glittering orange
resemble the sunset glow
in my heart of cascading blue
Mountain of hard work
seem trite effort
despite his promising words
Success isn’t all there is to life
Money shouldn’t define success
Alter ego scolds me for being in blue
Our soldiers are dying in foreign land
Homeless are suffering in the cold
Everyone endures blue now and then
except some lucky ones
With him on night shift
I walk over a friend’s for a chat
chase away the nefarious blue
Winter night deepens in silence
embracing the worries
Bid a goodnight to all the sufferers
of this blue winter night
dream bright

(by Byung A. Fallgren)


IMG_1101 copy

Golden leaves
Ripened seeds
what’s lost
in the first frost

Grand kids’ photos
Anticipation for
holiday gathering
her winter blue

During winter I often suffer from the winter blue.  I looked
around to find some solution without medication and found
some pleasant photos to look at.  Nature photos, especially,
grandkids’ photos are always pleasing.  Who doesn’t? I’ll see
them at the family gathering for Thanks Giving.  🙂

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

dream of…eternal sunbeams


Clouds of the sins
brood in the twilight
Let them all be absorbed
into the setting sun
be purified as the Earth shifts
rise before the morning sun
as mists of cleansing
upon the impure souls
Sunset glows
as if a precious moment of the day
reminds the forgetful
before bidding a goodnight
We are thankful
for the gift of the day
With the twilight we retire
to our rooms
dream of the morning
in its eternal sunbeams

(by Byung A. Fallgren. Photo by Collin A. Maag.)

Where something’s broken


The windows used to be clear
as his eyes reflect his wife and son
and the world beyond them
before the devil’s breath swept
away everything, leaving behind
the shattered dreams
Remnant of yesterday’s misfortune
awaits in silence
as he ponders about
what needs to be done
to return to when
everything was in order
in the sunbeams from
the clear window through which
he used to see his dreams
He assures himself
where something’s broken
there is hope

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Photo by Collin Andrew Maag.)