Beach Tree


Beach Tree

I was an oldish on a yellow beach,
Watching the distant tree dotting
Along the horizon, dreaming to reach.

One day, bull-wind knocked me flat,
Forcing me to kiss forever the sandy shore.

Luckily my heart is in my root,
Keeps me alive and toot.

In whatever the position I am, I can still thrive.


©Byung A. Fallgren

Wyoming Wind

My beautiful picture

In the morning sunbeam a gentle rider,
In the afternoon a dopy teen driver
Speeding hundred mils an hour,
Crosses over the lane,
Nearly missing collision and
Hurling a camper and a semis
Into the air.

Terrified drivers slam on the brake
To avoid the wrecked camper flying
Across the road, in the midair exploding.
Luckily no one got hurt that day.

You are a whimsical and violent
Boy overgrown,
Whom we can learn to live with. Yet,
You are gentler than Florida hurricane
Or costal states’ tsunami.
You are a King of wind farm.



©Byung A. Fallgren


Fate of Stone Man


‘Layer upon layer of
Years of knowledge
Wouldn’t be enough
To see the unknown
On the horizon,
Being a student
Of great mind,’
Says the sun,
Scorning the stone man
Who thinks he’s perfect,
Not knowing his fate of
Being toppled down by wind.

©Byung A. Fallgren

Unforgettable Trivial Things


He fished and
I ambled to
The Raptor’s Bluff.
On the path
Lay a baby snake
Broken back bleeding,
Squirmed in an effort
To get away,
But its lower body
Wouldn’t budge.
I moved away, wordless.
Image of the beady eyes in fear
Stirs in my mind
Every time I strolled up the path.
One of those what seems
To be trivial
Yet sinks deep in memory.

© Byung A. Fallgren