Love Never Gets Old

IMG_2965 copy

Grandpa’s eyes tag along
Little Son romps ’round the park,
Grandpa turns again five.
When the child pauses
At the end of the tunnel slide,
Grandpa and Little son’s mind
Merge in one and imagine
the day of birth. Canal

Appeared to be glowing
As he made the final exit.
Loud hellos,
Soft swaddling and kiss…

Over six decades are
Condensed in five years,
Even after his dreams vanished
With autumn leaves,
He still has one clings to him–
Love–that grows against time.

©Byung A. Fallgren

Power of Two


How nice to have you visit me!
How sad to be unable to visit you back!

Google says your site not exist.

WP snaps you’ve deleted your site.

Yet you smile on your Gravatar page.

I wonder if you are a mere navigator.

If not, add your site image to your Gravatar,

That will draw more visitors to you.

–Byung A. Fallgren

Criticism, Not for the Old Couple

We are the deep river appears to be
Slow and placid,
We seldom say ‘I love you,’
For we know we do after
All theses years together.
We may not kiss and hug in public
But for each other we worry and care
More than the skin-deep touch.

How ignorant to say:
‘They are not all the way up there.’

Nearly half a century of marriage
Means nothing to you?
Going through the thick and thin of
Thorny path that long means nothing to you?

No one can go that road for decades
Without love!

We deserve some respect more than
You ever know.

Only the rude and shallow streams
Dare to criticize the deep old river.

Our love for all and us flow
Till we cease and dry.

IMG_2732 copy

©Byung A. Fallgren 

Wrong comparisons

Comparing a person
to a sparrow that tries to fly
like a hawk
Comparing a person
to a fish that wants to walk on land

Unlike sparrow and fish,
Person can achieve anything
she or he wants to do
If goal isn’t met,
main culprit is wrong method or
lack of perseverance.

–Byung A. Fallgren