Just so get a little closer

At the end of day, a pile
of laundry waits in the corner
I feed them to the machine
toss them into the dryer
embrace the warm and clean ones
into my open arms, sniffing the scent
that reminds me of new motherhood
of the joy and wonder
of the time long gone
Thank the fresh scent dryer sheet
for the sweet memory
leads to the woman who birthed me
on the day of long gone December,
the serene face as Virgin Mary’s
chides me for staying up so late
I’ll get a taller tree this year
just so it’ll reach the women
in heaven a few feet closer

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

Glitter in the dumps

In my youth
I often felt as though
I had stumbled into
an unexpected place
like a rabbit in wonder land
sort of lost and depressed,
wandered in the deep forest
infested with brain-eating bacteria
Doggedly I’d pursue the glitter
between the trees that seem closer
yet untouchable like stars,
regret for the wasted time,
In bitterness, I’d nurse a bottle of beer,
brooding then shake it off,
emerge with an insight
that helps me move on.

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

Rosy holidays


Outside the window
snowflakes mimic
the rain upon the soul
hoping we can reconcile
our differences
north and south
see ourselves in the face instead
of peripheral vision from afar,
say I love you
Roses on the wall
expel the winter blue,
fly on the invisible wings
to imbue the strangers and enemies
with holiday spirit, for we can
coexist in peace
as the land and ocean
like the stars in the galaxy,
wishing the rosy holidays

The above painting is one of my old paintings I did on the side of portrait.
It’s been a quite a while since I stopped painting, but I still remember
the technics.  I should’ve kept on painting.  Well, I might take up the old
brushes and start doing it again.  The painting had no title, but now I call
it “Rosy holidays.”  I wish you, my friends and everyone, Rosy holidays!

(by Byung A. Fallgren)


We don’t need
to sacrifice the lambs
to catch the wolf disguised
in sheep’s clothing
among the herd

The needless conflict
of confused dreams
The fallen stars in the flame
of perished hope
The zombies
of hypocrisy
of oxymoron
trying to revive the dead
in graves
Silent plea of innocent children
echo the cry of a raptor
in the calm morning sky
Repeating the regrettable
history is foolish

(by Byung A. Fallgren)


10417820_10153171834299284_6859047961482549672_n copy

They chant in ritual dance
behind the green drapes
of tender regard
let the memories stir
eyes closed
minds open
complying to the time
Disturbed by the world affairs
in the storm
the ancients chant and dance
in the deep earth
to bring the goodness and expel the evil
for the descendants and all
Distant cries of a raptor
lulls the spirit and
they know everything will be in order
Their chant echoes
in the valley of memories
in the minds of loved ones
They chant their eternal love

(by Byung A. Fallgren)