we intertwine,
as the way of our life.
Exploited by
some villains,
framed by
estranged ones
seem unavoidable,
even the stars grimace
at the sordidness of it.
At the end of stormy days,
we blush in shame,
let the jolting moments go,
yield to the wholesome
rules of the nature.

©by Byung A. Fallgren



another wholesome passerby








On the dirt road behind
hidden footprints
of sweaty, bleeding
ghost of yesteryears.
Scars on the knees,
numbed heart,
forgotten at best,
condemned at worst,
should be cherished,
for the twist and turns
of the past road may
lead to a sweet surprise.
Even if there’s no reward,
I still love the road I took,
because it is what made me
a bit wiser and mature,
what I am today–
another wholesome passerby.

©By Byung A. Fallgren


IMG_2560 copy

When we are
together I feel as if
my life renews
in each of you,
all of you in me,
as the invisible
mist of energy
from our body
float round between
the leaves,
touching our skins.
When I’m alone
I’m a mossy boulder,
stagnant pool,
lone berry on a branch
on an autumn day.

Experts say that being around good friends is good for mental health,
even getting involved in social media every day is effective.
Bless the social media!

©By Byung A. Fallgren

flower is flower

IMG_2554 copy

This field, with a magnetic force,
draws me to the scene over and over.
Many words bounce, but
not a sentens forms to satisfy.
Solemness, uncanny beauty.
Stars will appear soon.
Its back peeled by the stress,
the cactus flowered–
its priority, no matter
the shabbiness, still flower,
prime purpose of being fulfilled,
withstanding the wind.

By Byung A. Fallgren