Snowstorm on juniper


Not the fool’s game of
Oppression, innocuous
Horseback ride of March
Hear the rider’s giggles
Hums of the horse
Songs of nature
Philly wishes for the
Golden sunbeam of
April lifts the rascals
She’s endured summer
Gust and the storm
Why more pain?
Winter admonishes
Strive to rise will free
Her from the oppressor

© Byung A. Fallgren

Walking alone


We usually walk alone,
savoring the purposeful
loneliness, mind private
affairs woven in
complicated web,

tread on the chosen line,
toward the point of
renewal, keeping an eye
on self-invited
companion raping

vulnerable brain.
We walk together with
opined moon and the
dancing lamp light,
yet we walk alone.


© Byung A. Fallgren

Transition/the shack


Shadows of yesteryears
unseen, moans of pains,
toils, hopes echo, muted.
Cold winter days
faded into the longed

glory earned, leaving the
shack behind, wishful thought,
not cloud vain, wordless wind.
The empty dwelling embraces
the memory lived, dreamed.

As the star’s song of happy
ending fades, golden
sunbeam cheers the new
beginning of the season, lifts
the spirit of the passerby.


© Byung A. Fallgren