The bad wolf

The Bad Wolf

One winter morning, the phone in our room rang.
My husband answered. I could hear the caller asking:
“Is your social security number xxxxx?”
“Yes,” my husband said. “How do you know that?”
“I’m a police officer. I called to inform you that a person
stole your social security number for a fraudulent use.
Please tell me, how many bank accounts do you have?”
“Three,” my husband told him.
“Can you give me the bank names?” the caller continued.
My husband did.
“How much money do you have in each account?”
My husband told him again.
“Don’t give him all that information!” I yelled.
“It’s okay. He’s a police officer.”
“Oh, yeah? How can you be so sure?”
My husband then said to the caller, “Tell me your name
and rank. I need to report this to the local police.”
The caller then hung up.
We were certain then that the caller is a bad wolf.
Alarmed that the animal knows his social security
number, my husband immediately reported it to the
Police, while I told the bank teller about the incident
and found out that the bad wolf had not yet accessed
to our accounts. We blew out a sigh of relief. My husban
also checked his credit card, which was fine too. We
laughed. We were in a celebrating mood. What a day!
I was also grateful for my luck to not fall on the icy
sidewalk to the bank and break my hipbone. The caller
scared thorn birds out of us. But we beat the bad wolf.

©Byung A. Fallgren

At the Empty Homestead

IMG_1701 copy

At the Empty Homestead

Hoarse call of the loon
Echoes through the veil of moon
Stir the gray images of the tents
Of the gatherers in slumber.
Some chat of the memories,
Of the aunt’s departure,
Of the uncle gone too soon,
Of the dwelling in the flame on
The insane summer night…
Too much for the cattails in the moat
To bear alone, but tonight, everyone
Chases the ghosts in their sleep.
The loon’s call has long ceased.
Couple of stars romance in the tree.
At the moat he mutters monologue,
Comes back to his tent and sobs.
Night deepens with somber remembrance.
Comes golden morning. Hustlers gather,
Followed by convivial chatter.
Laughter echoes in the
Remote homestead–bridge of
kindred spirit sneaks in ones’ heart,
the loon calls in the fog.

©Byung A. Fallgren

Weekly Avocet

Weekly Avocet is weekly magazine published by The Avocet, a Journal of Nature Poetry.  As I support good environmentalists in any form I would like to spread The Avocet as often as I can. Also, I’m delighted to have my poem and some haikus published in this Weekly Avocet–#372. Thank you, Editor Charles for choosing my works.
Below is the link to Weekly Avocet–#372. Feel free to check it out.
The Weekly Avocet – #372

Byung A.