Mind Reader

Do you believe that mind readers are real? I believe so. We all are to some degree. You might call it extra sensory perception. But there are people who can read your thoughts nearly 100 percent. They know your past and present life, what you are plotting for your next book, and so on.

Some individuals abuse their mind-reading abilities. If you don’t like what they do, they harass you or even slander you. Obnoxious behavior, indeed. If you suspect that you might be a victim of such outrageous people, you might be right. Don’t be angry. Anger is not only a poison to your mind but also it makes you susceptible. Calmly sympathize with the person for having such low self-esteem.

I wonder what will happen to our society if everyone learns how to read people’s mind and abuse what they learned. I am healthy, mentally and physically. If you don’t believe this post, just ignore it. Thanks.

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