The Survivors

We returned to our shelters that afternoon.  “I’m afraid it’ll take a long time for us to go home,” said Camilla, plopping down on the grass mattress.

“Uh, we may not even be able to go home!” Lyle said grimly.

“We must do whatever it takes to go home,” I said.

That same evening, we were eating supper in our shelter when we noticed two, dark figures standing at the door, staring at us.  “Aborigines!”  Camilla said in a low voice.  Just as we stood up to meet them in a civilized manner, they shot a foul-smelling mist into our shelter.  Immediately we lost consciousness.  –From Chapter One of THE SPACE HERMITS

These samples are from nine-page of the chapter.  Upon rereading the story, I feel I could write it better now, craft-wise.  Still, I love the  story itself.  (The post will be continued.)

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