The Day the Friends Vanished…

(Excerpted from THE SPACE HERMITS)

“Tell me where you hide my friends,” I demanded.

“In fact, I don’t know where they are either,” Clive said.

“I cannot take the job, unless you take me where my friends are.  Do not freaking force me into doing anything, got that?”  I stormed off as if I had a place to go.

“I’ll give you two days to join us,” he said, following me.  “Or you will die.”  He glared at me with blue sparks in his eyes that made my skin crawl.

The following day, Clive came to my room to tell me, “I will show you around today.  I’m a busy person but took the time just for you.”

His condescending tone irritated me but I managed to not burst into punching his face.  All     I was concerned about at this time was the whereabouts of Wes, Lyle, and Camilla.  I told him that million times before but he ignored it.  I gazed out the window toward the dreamy, dorm cityscape, and changed the subject.  “How can Rakutans make themselves invisible?”

“I won’t tell you unless you promise me that you will take the job and be  loyal to us.”

“Tell me what you did to my friends first,” I demanded.

“If you keep on asking, I have no choice but to kill you.  Understood?”  He glared at me.

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