Every evening I am grateful to have
You at my side.  The neighbors
Come and go but you are
Here for me telling
About the day’s
Story that never
Fail to amuse me,
For we are eternal
Lovers, aren’t we?  They
Say love can wane with time
Like moon.  If so I’d wait for you
Till your lovely face reappear among
The tinny stars with renewed passion

According to statistics, half of married couples end up divorcing.  Worse, nowadays
young people don’t believe in marriage that last till death do apart.  One of the reasons is that majority women don’t depend on men any more.  They earn bread themselves.  So they choose not to stay in unsatisfying marriage.  Besides, divorcing is easy these days.  It takes only a few months to complete the paper work process in many states.  I’m an old-fashioned person.  And it makes me sad.  Good thing is that I know many couples who have been married longer than 40 years and they want it to be continued.

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