Lame Youth


He stood there in the parking lot, dressed in
Worn jeans and shirt, waiting for someone,
Anyone, when he saw me he breathlessly
Cadged for change

I’d seen him many times before
I pretended not know him
Turning, I heard his rueful gabble
To others, one after another,
Like his many primeval cousins

He followed me in my dream
As I pondered about his
Reasons and real needs
That was much more than
Some lousy coins

His shattered youthful ambition
was reaching out, wishing to be
whole again when he stood there
Lost and confused, pleading,
For he couldn’t put it together

*Drug addiction is a huge problem in this country, especially among young people.  Something must be done.  The presidential candidates tout about it.  Whoever will be elected president in 2016, he or she must do to fix the problem.  Discipline, however, should start at home.  As we all know, children learn from their parents.  Often, that wasn’t enough, but making an effort to steer them in right direction is better than ignoring.  Sometimes, even grown children need some attention from the parents.

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