I wrote this journal last May.   Now that my yard is blanketed with 2-inch snow, I find it refreshing to read, feeling the warmth of the minty spring.  So, here it is to share.

Mint, mint, everywhere!
Sorry for ignoring you there
Your humble existence
With noble scent
Charmed me now
Inhaling you
Lost in
Lilt aloft

A few years ago, I picked a little stem of mint from a friend’s garden and planted it in the back yard of my house, and then I forgot about it.  Now, it has spread everywhere!

According to my herbalist friend, mint is good for headache.  Paste a fresh mint leaf on the  part of the head where the pain is most severe.  I seldom have headache so I never used it but I would try it when I need it.

Personally, I like to sniff the scent of the fresh mint, while strolling in my yard.  Not only does the luxurious scent lifts my mood, but also evokes romantic imagination. 🙂

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