She’s Blind


Mother:  “Did you pickup your date for lunch, Son?”
Son:  “Yes.”
Mother:  “You should’ve removed the snow off the windshield completely before…”
Son:  “What for?”
Mother:  “So she can see outside.”
Son:  “She’s blind.”

*After our squabble, my husband only cleaned the snow off his side windshield.  I stared at it for seconds then came up with the piece of joke.  It may not be so funny for some of you
but to me it was.  The photo was thought provoking, as well, especially silly one.  What’s more, the silly joke loosened our tense mood after the argument, making us crack smiles then laugh.  Laugh as often as you can, folks.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.



Ed always made sure to keep the printer’s lid down after using it.  Noticing it is up, he asked the coworker, “Who left the printer’s lid up?”
Coworker:  “It must be a male.”

(Source:   Reader’s Digest)

2 thoughts on “She’s Blind

  1. Very good story.

    When I was a young man I was a technician in a television repair shop. The boss brought me a blind man’s tv to repair it because the video was receiving a different channel than the audio. “The owner doesn’t care, but his sighted friends do.

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