Love Like Mountain Snow

IMG_1191 copy

I settle for the winter,
embracing the nature
tucked beneath me
dreams of spring.
Windy nights, a part of
me rest at your window,

watch you in winter repose.
In spring I tremble with joy of
my journey for you,
streaming down the hills
to quench your thirst
to moisten the pasture,

wheat fields then to
the lake where you swim after
the long days of toil in the field
or wrangling the cows and calves.
I’m a soothing agent for your body
and soul till my last drop vaporize.


This sort of one way love can be called unconditional love, which is parental love.  Love between man and woman is two-way love, of course.  They have to love each other, not only one sided.  And no one argue about that because it works that way.  So, nowadays, unconditional love between different sex is considered to be un-smart or foolish by many.  But long ago in Korea, even other parts of the world, such a love, especially in women, was not uncommon.  Woman like that was considered to be a graceful prude.

Watching the snow-capped mountain, I thought about the unconditional love between man and woman.  Is that really extinct specie?  Depends on individual and circumstance, it may still alive somewhere in this world?  I haven’t researched on that so I’m not sure.  If there is, I would call her or him a Jewel, not a fool.

(By Byung A. Fallgren.

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