Aloft (2)

At last we are there
let the glory bloom,
embrace the arduous days
yet to come, let the youthful
reverie and ardor reach for higher,
the force of ingenuity, spring of our culture

Exhaustion may consume our body,
yet we bless the equal opportunity,
cherishing all the hassle and effort
Eventually we’ll head to the ocean,
leaving our legacy behind
If we were to be reborn,
we would do so
just as we were?


I am optimistic.  Sometimes I am pessimistic also.  I wouldn’t say I have a bipolar
disorder though.  I believe this is common as we live in a society where we can communicate with anyone in the world in seconds.  We can collect too much information in a heartbeat, which can be a contributing factor of anxiety also.  If the condition, however, gets severe that’s when I should be mindful.  But I am lucid.  Enough to edit my writings. : )

(by Byung A. Fallgren.

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