In the Frost

winter_fog_200960 copy

she’s trapped in
the jealous lover’s
frozen breath
and waits for him
warm up
maybe she’s reluctant to
renew herself in fear
what the outcome
will be like



Like a little savior she came,
filling my heart with love
Her baby-cry as if we were total strangers
wouldn’t let me hold her even a moment
I laughed, for she’ll grow out of it,
yet tried all the trick to win her smile, to no avail
The day she left with Mama and Daddy,
filling the house with emptiness
I counted for her next visit,
looking around the room,
reminiscing about her short stay,
found the little bear and rattler she left
behind–the baby scented memento!


(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A. Fallgren’s Blog)

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