Unseen Woman

I’ve neither seen you nor
heard of you, yet I sense you,
see you in my dream
feel you in my heart
I’m your future fiancé,
wife, mother of your child
Tonight, lying in my bed,
I feel you weep,
staring at the gun in your hand
Don’t do that, my love!
Why would you give up
your life over those who
snapped your dream,
plunged you into depression?
If you cannot help it,
seek medical help, my love
I maybe unseen by you
but I see you
in my dream,
feel you in my heart
See me, my love
Feel me
I’m your future wife
I need you!


This is written for both men and women who are suicidal victims of depression or any other form; “Unseen Woman” can be their family and friends.  Statistics show
suicide rate, especially among young people, rises in U.S. Being aware of the signs of people around you and help them can lower the rate.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A. Fallgren Blog)

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