Until the Day We can Curve Her…

Like the dry leaves
in the back yard
the spirit has blown away
in the wind
Long to be moored

The news from the city:
he’ll lose his one eye
then might lose the other.
It can’t happen to him, for
he is a handsome dude.
He was who took me Mom’s
grave site last time;
he showed me around
the changed city.  Next time,
he won’t be able to do that, blinded!
Lost a sister not long ago,
I don’t want to lose my brother now.
Getting aged is sad, losing parts
of body is beyond the emotion.
So, one by one, we disappear
like late morning dewdrops!
The Nature’s order always emits blue,
I fight not to allow it glued to my mind.
Love, laugh more, while flow with time
till the bright light looms over the horizon.
After all, we are Mother Nature’s
obedient children, until the day
we’ll be able to curve her rule just a bit.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A. Fallgren Blog)

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