Here in the corner
away from the city
oxygen is just
for you and me
in our sanctum
my thoughts
are clear as tears
Now I know
what to tell her
Will she take me in?
If not, I’ll return to
this little corner,
heal the wound,
settle for you and me
In our sanctum
my thoughts are
clear as your vision

Why do we long
to live somewhere else
only to return?


Who hasn't dreamed of leaving his or her hometown or home country at least 
once in their lifetime?  Longing for unfamiliar place is a human nature.  Especially, when you are young it is even more so.

I thought about my insecure youth and my old home--the city, the country I 
left behind.  Sometimes, I wanted to go back, wondering if she--South 
Korea--would take me in without the official paperwork.  Of course not.  
It's just a whimsical thought.

I've lived in U.S. for decades and I got used to the lifestyle of the 
country. I don't regret for coming here.  Just having a little sentiment, 
now and then, with the obvious yet mundane realization that eclipses the youthful fantasy about the foreign land.

Now, there's a strong trend of immigration, especially among South Korean 
young people. Relatives and Friends are worried about the matter.  
Of course, making the informed decision is a must.  I would not, 
nevertheless, discourage young people who want to make a new life 
elsewhere.  Let them explore, discover, and learn.  When, for some reason, 
they decide to return to their mother country embrace them, instead of 
giving them leery-eyes, as if they were quasi-trators.  (I still remember 
those eyes on me last time when I visited Seoul.)  

Discuss about what they've learned from their discovery. That would give 
some insights to the wannabe explorers in making the important decision on 
their immigration plan.  

Longing to go somewhere unfamiliar is in our bones.  Being curious or to 
make better life.  Isn't that why we do study and explore space?  Explore, discover, and learn.  That spirit is what started the great country, 

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  Byung A. Fallgren Blog)

7 thoughts on “Realization/Immigration

  1. Yes, it can be, but I haven’t had any problem yet. As you might know that Korea is divided in two–South and North. I’m from South Korea. North Korea is communist that is under Kim Jung-un’s control. I wish we can be united in one nation. But considering what is going on now with Kim Jung-un’s regime, it is just a wishful thinking. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Derrick.

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