Rosy holidays


Outside the window
snowflakes mimic
the rain upon the soul
hoping we can reconcile
our differences
north and south
see ourselves in the face instead
of peripheral vision from afar,
say I love you
Roses on the wall
expel the winter blue,
fly on the invisible wings
to imbue the strangers and enemies
with holiday spirit, for we can
coexist in peace
as the land and ocean
like the stars in the galaxy,
wishing the rosy holidays

The above painting is one of my old paintings I did on the side of portrait.
It’s been a quite a while since I stopped painting, but I still remember
the technics.  I should’ve kept on painting.  Well, I might take up the old
brushes and start doing it again.  The painting had no title, but now I call
it “Rosy holidays.”  I wish you, my friends and everyone, Rosy holidays!

(by Byung A. Fallgren)

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