Roadside Comrades

Of all the roads, this is
what we take for the day
in a long line of crawling turtles
with patience, courtesy of
roadside comrades, fighting
the blizzard of celestial trial

Alas, someone’s car zooms by,
throwing the clouds of madness
in everyone’s way, blinding,
skidding, almost plunging,
his car and others’ into the ditch

We slow down even more
to let him back in the line,
proceed as before with
courtesy and patience
of roadside comrades,
facing the common enemy until
our destinations do us part.

We were heading south in blizzard when we almost got in ditch.  Thank God.
Although our hearts would skip beating at times, we hadn’t seen any serious
accident that day.  Wish you all a safe traveling during this winter and always.

–Byung A. Fallgren



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