Often people are attracted to
superficial information
ignoring hidden quality

They say that a lot of Kindle Scouters nominate books by reading one-line
description of the book, no farther, so many great books lose their chances
to get published by Kindle Press Publishing.  I wouldn’t worry.  Other options
are out there.  I would, however, keep this simple truth in mind: writers have to
write what people like if they want to sell their books, or they end up writing
for themselves. Whether it sells or not, writing itself is a reward.  It’s good
for mind and soul.  🙂

I want to thank you all who nominated my book on Kindle Scout campaign, even though
Kindle Press did not choose it for publication.  Sigh.  Shame on them.  The book
will be available soon on Amazon.  Thank you again.  –Byung A.

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