Joke or not

Unloved and dying of cancer, says she,
search for a trustable person who will
inherit her five million dollar
and run a charity business,
tells me I’m the one God has chosen for her.
Oh my, thanks for the flattery.
Re: American Red Cross or CARE
will appreciate your donation, Ma’am,
my prayers are with you.
She insists she needs me
for other reason as well.
In my closed eyes she cajoles
wich fail to convince this skeptic.
Dismiss it as an erratic wind of bored soul
seeking a naive victim for some reason.
If not, I wish her the best for her search for
the right heir.

Recently I’ve received this message from a stranger.
I believe this kind of joke is not uncommon in anyone’s Inbox or message
on social media.  However, you never know;  she can be real. April fool’s day
is still months away.  I should’ve told her, yes, yes, yes. 😄 But again, I have no
desire for unearned money, esp. from a stranger.

–Byung A. Fallgren

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