Thoughts of the day


You don’t need to achieve your goal to be successful. It’s
living as best as you can with decency that makes you a winner.

Holding a dream job and becoming rich doesn’t make you a better
person than anyone.

©by Byung A. Fallgren

10 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day

  1. True! I try to live by the standards of my faith. Not by the standards of perishable things like people’s opinion or acquiring things. Success is trying to be and give your best every day.

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  2. I tell my students before exam time not to worry about their results but focus on doing the best they can in studying and preparing for their exam. The important thing is trying hard to do our best rather than being anxious about what might be. If we concern ourselves with today instead of worrying about tomorrow, then tomorrow just might turn out better than what we feared it might be. Possibilities do exist, but they might not be real. What is real circumstantially exists now in the present moment. This is something we can get hold of and shape to our advantage. Only then do we have a greater chance of achieving our goals.

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