Unintentional Apathy

He spoke gibberish,
‘Bad thing happens
if you don’t…mumble, mumble.’
Humoring missionary, I presume.
Told him I go to temple and
closed the door. Hearsay: the sharp
older man used to live two blocks
from mine before committing suicide.
Sometimes I wonder what it was he
tried to tell me. It pricks me to think
he tried to walk even on gossamer
if he could only avoid ‘Bad thing happens.’
I would’ve been friendly, only if
he spoke clearly. Only if…
I say, exhausted soul, save a space for
me in the heaven. We’ll continue the
conversation then. Sometimes, even
crossing the stormy ocean and
climbing arduous mountain
cannot undo what’s been done–
unintentional apathy.

by Byung A. Fallgren

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