Gravatar and Your website

Hello friends, I want to visit your site, but when I click on your photo it leads to your Gravatar page. If you added your website(s) to the page it is so much easier for me to get on your site. I’m not trying to advertise Gravatar here. I’m just reminding you that I find it convenient if you add your website(s) to the page. I’m sure you’ll attract more readers as well.  🙂 –Byung A. Fallgren








8 thoughts on “Gravatar and Your website

  1. That annoys me, when I click the gravatar as a “last resort” to find someone’s site and it’s still not there.
    And it’s not really advertising – gravatar has the same parent company as WordPress so it’s all the same thing really 🙂

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  2. Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes I click on a person’s photo on my post’s “Like” list as a last resort to get on his/her website, which opens to his/her Gravatar where I can click on his/her website. So if you add your website(s) to your Gravatar, it’s so much easier for readers to get on your site as you know. : )

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