Mistaken (gogyohka)


on the wire fence
an innocent vine
crawls by the poison ivy
shouldn’t be mistaken as
the harasser of the ivy’s

It’s both sad and infuriating to watch Ford testifying in the Senate
Judiciary Committee hearing. I believe Kavanaugh is a victim of
Democrat’s political game.

©By Byung A. Fallgren

12 thoughts on “Mistaken (gogyohka)

  1. Absolutely. It takes no time at all, seconds in fact, it seems to a daft dad of a stunningly intelligent young lady working in the mental health field, thousands of miles adrift from this human/political tragedy, to work out that Ford appears to be a lady who has false memory, is a victim of memory manipulation, had an experience that has been cruelly twisted by clever technology, or is an outright shill put up by the side of the deep state currently losing the hidden war. I might be wrong of course. However, if any of the above mentioned suggestions are correct, it only harms respect for women in general, the cause of moral men in general, any remaining ideas of democracy, any lingering ideas about decency in any political system, and most important of all, would put back genuine female suffrage by decades, if the truth ever came out.

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  2. Hi, I would fully understand if you wanted to take my above comment down. I totally stand by my opinion but do understand that a forum like this one is, perhaps, not the one to be putting up such strident notions. The global transformations will continue apace, me thinks, with or without my voice. Would not want to embarrass or upset you or your WordPress friends. Much love, photoloveart.

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  3. I think, if I was young enough and wealthy enough now, I would hesitate to allow myself to be in a room alone with any woman. It seems to me the stakes in the relationship game have gone way too high, and maybe that signals the end of mankind. We’ll simply stop trying to breed, for fear of being misunderstood.

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  4. I understand what you mean. But you wouldn’t let our fear of getting framed by some lunatics stop you from having a healthy relationship with a person, you know. So the human race continues on. 😊


  5. No, I’m afraid I would not. Are there ‘healthy’ relationships anymore? When one sex has the power over the other to completely ruin them, drag them down to the level of suicide (which is happening), I see the pitfalls as too many and too difficult. I stand by my opinion, and I can only hope that women wise up before it becomes a view more widely shared. Emasculation could be the population control lobby’s secret weapon?

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  6. Time heals, partially, and hindsight is a wondrous thing. One judge in place, and another will soon have to show in public or be replaced with a fully functional version. Today, we might be on the brink of a tumultuous future – I so hope so. Disclosure of all kinds might be starting to unfold for those with eyes to see. If alternative propulsion, cloaked war planes (probably at the cost of trillions of black budget dollars), and truth sharing are all hinted at today, maybe we can have a new paradigm global society tomorrow?

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  7. Whether it be old or new concept, I believe the global society is inevitable one, considering how the things going globally now. That doesn’t mean each country lose its own identity, but much more openness to others. Thank you so much for sharing your view.


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