Winter Lake


Retreat and ponder
the surge from highland,
venture up the hill where
the days of longing,
curiosity mirrored,
youthful fantasy
evaporated, reach for

the sky, wave with envy
at the birds. Comply to
the time of withdrawal,
grateful to the season for
the opportunity. Ceaseless
desire, watch the land ling
grow, wither,

wait for next swell–glee!

© Byung A. Fallgren

9 thoughts on “Winter Lake

  1. Thank you for your poems. The short ones are so hard to craft and you do it well. I have a request: Kathy’s Crafts has nominated my blog for a Sunshine Blogger award. Part of this entails that I answer some questions and then ask you some questions and then nominate a few other people. Would it be okay if I nominate you? If it is an imposition, just say no of course, and I’ll ask someone else. You can see what its about on Kathy’s own page, here:

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  2. Hello Baffled Bear Books. Theses are my answers to your 11 questions for the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination:

    1. The reason I started my blog is to get to know people, interact and have quality time.
    2. New skill I’d like to learn: Quilting. Also, I’d like to learn Spanish.
    3. My all time favorite movie is Forest Gump.
    4. My favorite hot beverage is green tea.
    5. My favorite comfort food is chicken-rice soup.
    6. My number one bucket list destination I’d like to go: South Korea, where I was born. For some reason, I haven’t visited there for some years now!
    7. What would I like to people to learn from my blog? Nothing particularly, just enjoy the essence of my story and poetry. If any one who learns anything from my blog, I’d be happy. 🙂
    8. My seven most favorite books, ones that I read over and over? Frankly, I seldom read same book twice. But below are my favorite books that I think about sometimes with fond memory of the characters and particular section of the books: Joy Luck Club (by Amy Tan), The Girl from Blind River (by Gale Massy), The Giver (by Lois Lowry), American God (by Neil Gailman), Ocean at the End of the Lane (by Neil Gailman), Native Speaker (by Chang-Rae Lee), Aloft (by Chang-Rae Lee), (I’m not good at memorizing names. I hope I spelled the names right.)
    9. My favorite holiday/season is Thanksgiving day.
    10. My all time cookie variety is chocolate cookie.
    11. I don’t have New year’s resolution. I just do what I had been doing last year.

    I hope these answers would satisfy you to make the final decision to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. 🙂 Please let me know. I’m still working on the rest of the rule, which I’ll let you know later. Thank you again for the nomination. Have a wonderful day.


  3. Hello. One blogger I’ve nominated, following the rules of Sunshine Blogger Award you nominated me, questioned that he hadn’t heard of… That made me realize that I haven’t seen your post about your nomination or your display of the award logo on your site. And I’m reluctant to go ahead with the final step. Please show me the proof you are real person who nominated me for the award. I’m so sorry to doubt you, but I hope you
    understand me on this.


  4. Sorry about the delay. I’ve looked more at what this ‘award’ is. Many bloggers have done it for some years now. It seems to be a sort of thing to do to connect up with fellow bloggers,especially Sunny ones! Perhaps ‘recogniton from fellow bloggers ‘would better describe it I’m going ahead with it but I thought I’d tell you more in case you wanted to rethink. If still ok, I will put up my own post with my own questions and answers, which I did enjoy doing. I had not put it up yet because I wanted to be sure those I nominated were ok with it first. Thanks for taking the trouble so far. Let me know if its ok. Congrats on the Liebwitz one too

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