An ode to siblings


A cluster of berries
so unique that we can
recognize  amongst
busy crowds,

even when we are apart
we are always together
in our heart. When
on’s missing we can tell
in a glance,

when one sheds tears
we suffer, when on’s happy
our hearts sing, for we are
the same branch and

root. We love one another
until we wither and fall.

It’s been two years since one of my sisters’ passing. I
regret I seldom visited her when she was alive, living
so far away. While growing up, she and I were close.
Once she told me about her friend’s story: her father
disappeared when she was two. And she wanted to
find him. After that, I hadn’t heard of her story.

Now, using my imagination, I’ve written a new novel
“Mystery Man’s Daughter.” I’ve been rewriting and
editing it, which ended up creating a totally different
character than I had thought. I hope I’ll get it done soon.
But I don’t want 
to rush. My goal is to get it done as
perfectly as I can.

© Byung A. Fallgren

5 thoughts on “An ode to siblings

  1. So sorry about your sister’s passing. That’s the special thing about sisters – when we’re far apart we still have each other in our hearts as your poem so eloquently stated. Blogging hugs! 🌷🌟🤗🌟🌷

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  2. Although the girl–she’s now old lady–gave me an idea a little for my new novel, I’ve created a totally different character who is not even Korean, but an american! 😊


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