Some story

I’m back from a week getaway. Some of you might shake head
at the idea of vacationing with family-in-law. That was exactly
what I did, participating in the gathering of in-laws for the
most of the time. Some families have a few unpleasant characters,
like a grouch old man or a hot-tempered old lady who tend to
ruin the fun-time. It takes a well-rounded person to turn any
stinky situation into a sweet experience. At least some of us
try to be one.

This one room cabin is where Rick and I stayed.
Inside is better than it appears outside.

This building across the mud puddle is a restroom.
In the wee hour, in the soft rain, I would venture
outside of my cabin. Often I’d encounter a bush-tailed
fox or something with glowing eyes caught in my

IMG_2821 copy
I took this photo while driving back home. Just watching
the usual cloudscape above the green hill lifted me. Nice
addition to the end of the little vacation.

There are, of course, more interesting stories. But I would
keep them in my memory. Some stories shine when you
look back.

July 10, 2019
Byung A.

12 thoughts on “Some story

  1. Bravo, I would never take a vacation with my in-laws but my husband adored holidays with my late parents. Delighted to hear your wooden shed was better on the inside!

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  2. This story shines now! It sets the mind to wandering about all the possible scenarios.
    So very glad you are back, and hoping time will impel you to share at least some of the stories. Sarah

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  3. He used to say: «  If you leave me, I’m going home to your mother! » He was easily her favourite son-in-law, she used to really spoil him.

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