For thorny reaction

Sometimes, we get a thorny reaction
for being kind.

Discover the little mystery
behind that frown.

It might be just the stench in the breeze
from the cow-hill.

Be cool, and see the relationship bloom.


© Byung A. Fallgren

5 thoughts on “For thorny reaction

  1. I once raced across a road to intervene when a man was having his head kicked outside a pub. The assailant ran into the alehouse leaving the victim with his head in his hands, over his eyes. I told him the kicker had gone. He told me to fuck off. So I did

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  2. Thank you. It turned out that Amazon charges $0.99 now for my book Mystery Man’s Daughter. So I’m giving my book for free to everyone who ‘like’ my ‘Free Book’. Please give me your email address. Thanks.


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