The Road Alongside Clear Water River


Once I drove along side the river
On my left, with curiosity of a lass.
Loved what you showed me:
Twinkling river-stars,
Smooth jade sashes with
Tagging love boats,

Which soothes eyes as the
Imagination does on mind
Till they slipped away without
the peripheral view. Then
You swung ’round to reverse the course,
Heading back in the direction of where I started!
As if to admonish me truth yet to be perceived.

With the river to my right, I doubted
Your motive of entertaining my right arm.
You let the breeze kiss the trees,
Played with the river hide and seek,
And questioned her origin.

She pulled stealthily away from us,
Like pouting lover, scorning at our vagary.
Chuckle you did of flamboyant playboy,
Finally showing me the way to my destination.
And I was delighted by your ingenuity.

©Byung A. Fallgren

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