Green Grass on White Road

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Green Grass on the White Road

Green watercolor paint splashed
On the snowy road ahead.
I stepped on the brake to get a closer look,
Amazed to see the large patch of
Green grass. Emerald vivid.
Yet they were lifeless,
Finely shredded.

Another surprise–
Dismembered little hooves!
Anything else gone, including the container
Which had been enjoyed
The precious meal.

Shredded grass and the little hooves
Danced in my nightmare.
I would turn that sentiment into
A warning flag and plant it
In the careless driver’s conscience.
© Byung A. Fallgren

6 thoughts on “Green Grass on White Road

  1. I know what you mean, Derrick. Sometimes accident happens even to a most cautious driver. But there are mistakes we could have avoided had we been more careful drivers; as you know careful drivers see what is ahead of the road even at night and slow down to stop before hitting the poor animal. Living in Wyoming where wildlife constantly cross the road, I’m glad I’ve avoided many accidents. So can others if they put their eyes on the road, not talking on the phone and the like.

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  2. This time of year there are so many like scenes along our highways.
    You show the carnage in the proper perspective. It is heartbreaking to
    see. Thank you for caring and for sharing your work.

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