Complying with the Season

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Complying with the Season

 Spring begins then ends, giving the way to summer.
So does my book-writing days. Seven books later, I
have retired from writing books.
It has not made me famous. Nor have I caught the gold-bird.
But I have enjoyed exploring the world only exist in
my imagination. And that is worth every joyous pain
I have gone through.
I will still continue on writing though.
With the insight I have gained from the book writing,
I will focus on writing short story and poetry–and a lot of other things–
It can be Done
much quicker than book. And I love it!
No one becomes wealthy by writing poems. But it
brings sharper, deeper, profound satisfaction, which
is, I presume, what propels poets to go on.
It is funny that I ended up being a poet! Considerably
pro one at that. And I can live with that.
Now that the coronavirus pandemic is threatening lives,
with uncertain future, I am fortunate to have something
to which I can immerse my self. No dreary thoughts can
harass me when I sit with a poetic muse.
I will write as long as my fingers can hold a pen. 

Stay safe every one.

–Byung A. Fallgren

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