Complying with the Season

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Complying with the Season

 Spring begins then ends, giving the way to summer.
So does my book-writing days. Seven books later, I
have retired from writing books.
It has not made me famous. Nor have I caught the gold-bird.
But I have enjoyed exploring the world only exist in
my imagination. And that is worth every joyous pain
I have gone through.
I will still continue on writing though.
With the insight I have gained from the book writing,
I will focus on writing short story and poetry–and a lot of other things–
It can be Done
much quicker than book. And I love it!
No one becomes wealthy by writing poems. But, in my case, it
brings profound satisfaction. Just focus on something and writing
about it gives me pleasure. It is funny that I ended up being a poet.
pro one at that. And I can live with that.
Now that the coronavirus pandemic is threatening lives,
with uncertain future, I am fortunate to have something
to which I can immerse my self. No dreary thoughts can
harass me when I sit with a poetic muse.
I will write as long as my fingers can hold a pen. 

Stay safe every one.

–Byung A. Fallgren

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