When the Pandemic Brings a Hope (2)


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When the Pandemic Brings a Hope

When the dark tendrils of
Coronavirus creeps ’round,
Choke ones weakened,
       Drag away them ground,
Webbing, growing,
Weeds wild.

In the amid panic,
A forgotten friend clicks “Like”
               On my post on Facebook,
Brings the ancient memory,
Like the lovely flower at the brook.
I send her message,

How she was.
“Getting old.” A smile-image tells all.
“Come on over for a tea,”
                 I offer, to begin with small.
“Remember the social isolation rule.”
In sad realization, I text her:

“When this is over let’s get together.”
“Sure thing.”
The old animosity, dead,
               And one knows everything
Will be just fine. Friendship bounces anew
                In the days of threatening.


©Byung A. Fallgren







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