14 thoughts on “Easter basket

  1. Good suggestion. So we are following the rules to protect ourselves as much as we can. Meanwhile, medical experts are working hard to make vaccine. I see many families have their way to cope with this mess, so do my family. Is there anything you’d like to suggest we do that is constructive to get out of this mess? I would like to hear it. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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  2. I’m sorry I missed this reply! As a beginning, we could (and possibly we are) start to build away from ‘herding’ – everybody has to go to an office, every child to a school, every patient to a bigger hospital, etc.. We CAN work from home – why shouldn’t we? And if we are at home, why should our kids have to go to a school to learn? We can learn from home, too. If meals are a problem why aren’t there more meals delivered to us? From the great to the minuscule, we have such opportunities – almost a blank canvas!

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  3. First, thank you for sharing your opinion. I believe that the rules and policies are made to serve best for us, according to the problems and status quo, and so on. I wish us all the best luck at this hard time.

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  4. Home schooling and home working are gaining a foothold in UK, too. The seeds are there. Change has to be gradual – homes re-thought to accommodate work space, increased automation around manufacturing and distribution, etc., but it must come. Keep safe as we creep out into the world again; it’s a hazardous time.

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